The Accreditation Standards

What are the Accreditation Standards?
The Accreditation Agency assesses the performance of homes against the Accreditation Standards. The Accreditation Standards are legislated under the Quality of Care Principles 1997.

The Standards outline the expected standard of quality of care and quality of life to be provided to residents of homes. There are four Standards and each Standard has an underlying principle. Within the four Standards, there are a total of 44 expected outcomes.

The four Standards are:

  • Management systems, staffing and organisational development
  • Health and personal care
  • Resident lifestyle; and
  • Physical environment and safe systems.

Click here for the printer friendly version of all 44 expected outcomes.

What homes must do to demonstrate performance against the Accreditation Standards?
The Accreditation Standards do not dictate the ways in which care and services are to be provided by homes. Rather, they describe the outcomes expected to be achieved. Consequently, homes have diverse programs based on the assessed needs and preferences of their residents and they meet those needs in different ways.