Resident involvement

How can residents participate in the overall process of accreditation?
Residents and representatives should be actively encouraged to contribute to decisions made at homes about the care and services residents receive. This ensures a focus on residents’ needs and preferences, as well as a continuous improvement approach.

For a re-accreditation site audit, the approved provider must inform residents and their representatives at least 21 days in advance, including:

  • the date and starting time of the audit
  • the opportunity to talk to an assessor.

We provide a poster that must be prominently displayed in the home, and a letter to be sent to the residents and their representatives. These are available in 20 community languages; homes must use the words that we supply.

How are residents involved in the actual visits?
Resident feedback is a key form of evidence we use when making decisions. It provides us with information on how the home meets the needs and preferences of the residents receiving care and services.

Residents and their representatives are interviewed during visits to homes. Assessors interview at least 10 per cent of residents or their representatives during all accreditation site audits and review audits, and during most assessment contacts. They are provided with information on their rights to privacy and confidentiality.