Meet our people

Kimberley Moss

Kimberley Moss, Quality AssessorKimberley Moss, Quality Assessor

I have been working with the Accreditation Agency as a quality assessor since July 2007 and I love the fact that everyday brings an opportunity to learn something new in my role. 

I have had the opportunity to act as Principal Assessor and Assessment Manager and this has been great in helping me to understand other roles in the Accreditation Agency and all of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that is involved. The training I’ve received here is really good also. I have had the opportunity to attend conferences representing the Accreditation Agency, and I love attending our Better Practice conference each year. 

My background is in quality in the aged care industry and prior to that I worked in finance in the hotel industry. In many ways this has been useful in my current role as the hospitality industry does have many similarities to the aged care industry. I really love the travel involved in my job and the opportunities to meet so many amazing and inspiring residents. I am passionate about improving the quality of life for people in aged care facilities and this job allows me to channel that passion in a constructive way to really make a difference. 

The people I work with are a great bunch, all inspiring and motivated in their own ways and I love working with people who have a common goal of making a difference. It’s a great job, with flexibility to achieve a work/life balance, a great bunch of people to work with, all with a common goal of improving the quality of life of older Australians. We may all need aged care one day! 

On a personal level I am particularly interested in Aboriginal culture and artwork and before working for the Accreditation Agency I had never had the opportunity to travel to the Northern Territory. In my role with the Accreditation Agency I have had the opportunity to be a relationship manager for homes in the Northern Territory, which has taken me to some remote locations and I have met some amazing ‘Territorian’ locals (staff and residents). 

It is amazing to see the innovation of management and staff at these homes and how they provide quality care in challenging and remote locations.

Ruth Heather

Ruth Heather, Quality Assessor, acting Group LeaderRuth Heather, Quality Assessor, acting Group Leader.

In July, I will have been working with the Accreditation Agency for five years. I started work here as an aged care quality assessor after having worked in the aged care industry since 1991.


In my time with the Accreditation Agency, I have had opportunities to work in the divisional offices and undertake research and analysis in relation to accreditation and aged care. Working with a team in the development of new assessing tools was a great challenge and it was a good team to be a part of. More recently I have been able to work as a Group Leader. I am pleased to have the opportunity to use my human resource management skills that I acquired through working in the aged care industry.


I love that we are involved in caring for older Australians and the work that we do makes a difference. Since the introduction of accreditation I have seen huge improvements in the industry. Being able to assist aged care homes to pursue person-centered care and innovative aged care is a real privilege.


Keeping fit is an ongoing challenge and with the assistance of health and wellbeing funding at the Accreditation Agency I have purchased a lovely bicycle. I am not up to riding to work yet but it is a goal for the future.

Chris Schubert

Chris Schubert, Principal Quality AssessorChris Schubert, Principal Quality Assessor

I have been with the Accreditation Agency since we commenced in the Adelaide office in August 1998. 

I started as one of six Quality Assessors, and became a Principal Quality Assessor in mid-2008. It has been an interesting time starting with a new organisation from day one; in my previous job they were celebrating their centenary the year that I left. I wonder if the Accreditation Agency will be around to celebrate its centenary year? 

My background is in nursing, in the acute care sector as a midwife and then quality improvement coordinator. The last position consolidated my interest in quality and gave me valuable experience in accreditation; from there I joined the Accreditation Agency. 

Things I enjoy about my job are helping new assessors settle into their roles, finding easier ways of doing things, and seeing homes that have experienced problems successfully overcome them and reach compliance.

I love being able to work part-time as it allows me time to play golf most weeks, not that I get any better for playing!

Sarah Bridgman

Sarah Bridgman, Corporate Support Services Manager

Sarah BridgmanIt’s the variety of work in my role that appeals to me most. As part of the Adelaide office state leadership team, I am responsible for the coordination of corporate support services in the office including IT, office accommodation/security, HR/OH&S, financial/budget management and reporting, provision of support to the state manager, the complaints process and coordination of Board and stakeholder events. I deal with many people and divisions within the organisation and also with many external stakeholders.

I first came to work at the Accreditation Agency on a temp assignment for three weeks in 1998 and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve worked in a variety of roles, starting out as an administrative officer, then operations manager and now I am working as the corporate support services manager.

It’s a good place to work. The Accreditation Agency offers some great benefits and there is a range of diverse and interesting people who come from many different backgrounds and industries. 

Maha Solomon

Maha Solomon, Operations ManagerMaha Solomon

I relocated from Sydney to Melbourne 10 months ago when I took on the position of Operations Manager in the Melbourne office. I started working at the Accreditation Agency in the Sydney office in 2005 as a Senior Administrative Officer. I took on acting managerial roles on numerous occasions during this time. In 2010, I accepted an offer to act as Operations Manager in the Melbourne office and soon after, I took on the position permanently.

My job is challenging, but I really enjoy it and treat any challenge as an opportunity to do better. Every situation has a solution; it just takes perseverance to find it. The determination and eagerness to learn has always rewarded me well in my career and I have certainly found this at the Accreditation Agency. This organisation has taught me a lot and I have grown to love my work and the people that I work with. I believe that teamwork and staff support comes with the trust that you build, by fostering the culture this can only mean success and I have experienced this many times at the Accreditation Agency. 

Benjamin Lau

Benjamin Lau, Senior Applications Development and Administration Officer

Benjamin LauThe Information Services and Technology supports the Accreditation Agency by providing IT-based business solutions and services. I relish the opportunity to develop business solutions and enhance the quality of the organisation’s systems and processes. I get a real sense of how I can help others contribute to our organisation’s objectives effectively in my role and I get to interact with staff across the business.

I have worked at the Accreditation Agency for 4 years in varying capacities. I started as a full-time registered quality assessor in 2007. I found my colleagues extremely friendly and helpful. The Accreditation Agency’s systems and processes are very supportive of new assessors. Meeting staff and residents of different backgrounds at the homes was definitely a highlight. The ingenuity and creativity of the homes’ systems is a testament that innovation is alive and thriving in aged care.

As with many employment opportunities that arise in the Accreditation Agency, I landed an operations analyst role that enabled me learn about and contribute to the Accreditation Agency’s own systems and processes. I have also been fortunate enough to take on acting managerial roles in the Operations division as well as the Education division.

I am now using all my Agency-related experiences to further develop the organisation’s operations through information technology. I have been supported by the Accreditation Agency’s learning and development framework to attend work-related specific training, as well as being given assistance through their support for study program to complete my Master of Business Administration studies.