Perth 2012

The Better Practice conference held in September had an outstanding blend of relevant topics, industry experts and keynote speakers who brought you practical advice on improving quality care for your residents.

Over 100 of your peers learnt from high profile presenters such as Reverend Professor John Swinton and industry experts including Jeff Fiebig. The program also featured Aged Care Commissioner Rae Lamb and Glen Jakovich, who talked about what he would like from an aged care home. Diane Robinson also chaired the panel discussion: A resident with no family, what should a home be thinking about?

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Better Practice conference presentations



Presentation title

Date: Thursday 13 September 2012

Plenary 1

Dr Andrew Refshauge


Plenary 1

Jeff Fiebig

The future for aged care is happening now – the RGH teaching nursing home

Plenary 1

Reverend Professor John

Rethinking what it is to age well

Concurrent 1A

Danielle McIntosh

The missing domains of activity

Concurrent 1A

Joanne Adams

Health and wellbeing for seniors

Concurrent 1B

Pam Spencer

‘MyFuture’ – NAB’s mature age workforce retention program

Concurrent 1B

Maureen Williams

Leading the way

Concurrent 1B

Amar Vasani

CaLD elderly – why culturally appropriate care?

Concurrent 2A

Dr Douglas Bridge

Conversations with people facing death

Concurrent 2A

Diana Cooper

A good death in residential aged care

Concurrent 2A

Faye Audino and Carol Allen

A dignified and hearty goodbye

Concurrent 2B

Margaret Van Zyl and
Teresa Pang

Seeing the big picture

Concurrent 2B

Captain Mavis Salt

Ageing – A spiritual task?

Concurrent 2B

Dr Suzanne Aberdeen

Team concept mapping: manage care planning, care evaluation, risk management and training, all with one process

Plenary 2

Diane Robinson, Tim Doncon,
Andrew Hogan, Greg Mahney,
Roslyn Nord

Plenary panel discussion: A resident with no family, what should a home be thinking about?

Date: Friday 14 September 2012

Plenary 3

Rae Lamb

Treasuring complaints – five top tips

Plenary 3

Dr Deirdre Fetherstonhaugh

Dementia, sexuality and consent in residential aged care

Concurrent 3A

Steve Aivaliotis

How to manage complaints for a positive outcome

Concurrent 3A

Heidi Dowse

Complaints management 101: a “gift” for you

Concurrent 3A

Emily Grayson

Better practice complaints handling

Concurrent 3B

David Lyle

The effectiveness of a twice daily skin moisturizing regime

Concurrent 3B

Dr Nick Bretland

Pain and pain management for people with dementia: a GP perspective

Concurrent 3B

Sharon Wall

Pain in people living with dementia – translating evidence to changing practice

Concurrent 4A

Michelle Harris

Dementia goes red: Use of red plates and red cups improves food intake and hydration levels of dementia residents

Concurrent 4A

Cathy Thesing

Food for the ages

Concurrent 4A

Karen Abbey

Food service – more than just a menu

Concurrent 4B

Natalie Duggan

Behaviour: opportunity and change

Concurrent 4B

Dr Julie Ellis

Residents who sit quietly in the corner – depression or something else?

Concurrent 4B

Colin McDonnell

Where are the flowers: an evaluation of a therapeutic garden and intergenerational program

Plenary 4

Sonya Smart

Bringing together the key messages

Plenary 4

Glen ‘Jako’ Jakovich

What I would like from an aged care home