Melbourne 2012

The Better Practice conference in August had an outstanding blend of relevant topics, industry experts and keynote speakers who brought you practical advice on improving quality care for your residents.

Over 250 of your peers learnt from high profile presenters such as Reverend Professor John Swinton and Anneke Deutsch and industry experts including Jeff Fiebig and Maree Cameron. The program also featured Aged Care Commissioner Rae Lamb and Colette Mann, who talked about what she would like from an aged care home. Diane Robinson also chaired the panel discussion: A resident with no family, what should a home be thinking about?

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Better Practice conference presentations



Presentation title

30 August 2012

Plenary 1

Dr Andrew Refshauge


Plenary 1

Jeff Fiebig

The future for aged care is happening now - the RGH teaching nursing home

Plenary 1

Mark Brandon

Learning from the Accreditation Agency visits

Concurrent 1A

Pamela Bruder

The rhythm of life

Concurrent 1A

Geraldine Hawks

Fun for young and old (Schools community service program)

Concurrent 1A

Alexandra Morse

Providing a voice for older Australian’s through a unique radio program

Concurrent 1B

Heather McKibbin

Walk around Australia

Concurrent 1B

Katherine Perkins and
Michelle Kelly

An exercise in positive partnerships. Presentations 1 and 2

Concurrent 1B

Jo Boylan

Active Living for healthy ageing

Concurrent 1C

Chris Hyde and
Judy Hetherington

Remoteness is not a barrier

Concurrent 1C

Elaine Mallows

Bringing a geriatric team to rural Victoria

Concurrent 1C

Siobhan Leonard

Adding years to life

Concurrent 1D

Elizabeth Lee

Compulsory reporting – why, when, what, how and who

Concurrent 1D

Karen Thode

Enhancing engagement of people living with Dementia to manage, reduce and prevent BPCD within a residential aged care home

Concurrent 1D

Kristy Lim

Effective actions to prevent or manage verbal and physical assault

Concurrent 2A

Elizabeth Hilton

The inside out challenge

Concurrent 2A

Beverley Dermody-Reid

Liverpool care – Pathway for the dying

Concurrent 2A

Faye Audino and
Carol Allen

A dignified and hearty goodbye

Concurrent 2B

Beverley Giles

Person centred care: Reality or rhetoric?

Concurrent 2B

Mavis Salt

Ageing – A spiritual task?

Concurrent 2B

Dr Suzanne Aberdeen

Team concept mapping – manage care planning, care evaluation, risk management and training, all with one process

Concurrent 2C

Carolyn Tranter

Keeping the bugs at bay – a risk management approach

Concurrent 2C

Jane Boag

Managing risk at Benetas

Concurrent 2D

Janna Voloshin

Artists in residence

Concurrent 2D

Julie Maya

STARfish Extravaganza

Plenary 2

Diane Robinson, Colleen Pearce,
Ann Turnbull and Mary Lyttle

Plenary panel discussion: A resident with no family, what should a home be thinking about?

31 August 2012

Plenary 3

Anneke Deutsch

What lesbians want from aged care services

Plenary 3

Maree Cameron

Quality indicators for improvement – what difference do they make?

Plenary 3

Rae Lamb

Treasuring complaints – five top tips

Concurrent 3A

Steve Aivaliotis

How to manage complaints for a positive outcome

Concurrent 3B

Christine Hunt

The big issue

Concurrent 3B

Christina Parker

Creating champions for skin integrity

Concurrent 3B

Keryln Carville PhD

The effectiveness of a twice daily skin moisturinsing regime

Concurrent 3C

Sonya Darwich

Developing staff across the ages

Concurrent 3C

Dr Brenda Harrison

Support to learn; prepare to care

Concurrent 3C

Wendy Waddell

Meaningful mentoring

Concurrent 3D

Carol Chenco, Dr Margaret Winbolt,
Marie Vaughan, Leonie Bell and Shirley Moore

With a little bit of help from my friends – implementing best practice in the care of people with dementia: Presentations by Carol Chenco, Dr Margaret Winbolt, Marie Vaughan, Leonie Bell and Shirley Moore

Concurrent 4A

Maryanne Jones

Moulding means for the future

Concurrent 4A

Christine Farrell

Dysphagia – It’s imperative!

Concurrent 4A

Michelle Harris

Dementia goes red: Use of red plates and red cups improves food intake and hydration levels in dementia patients

Concurrent 4B

Kerry Rigby and
Peter Coughlan

A special doll with a special role

Concurrent 4B

Janelle Jones

Cameos for empathy in dementia care

Concurrent 4B

Kylie Jacques

Memory magic – a creative and fun way to improve cognitive ability

Concurrent 4C

Stephen Wiblin

Changing the face of nursing – Impressions of a nurse practitioner – A collaborative approach

Concurrent 4C

Ann Hague

Defining what we need, not merely accepting what we are given

Concurrent 4C

Trevor Nowak

Bridging the gaps

Concurrent 4C

Annette Chennell

Root cause analysis – A framework for understanding the contributing factors to critical events

Plenary 4

Karen Frost

Bringing together the key messages

Plenary 4

Colette Mann

What I would like from an aged care home