Fact sheets

We recently published a special edition of The Standard on planning for an emergency. This information is now available has a downloadable fact sheet (96kb).

Preparing for an unannounced visit fact sheet. (260kb)

In the July, August and September 2008 issues of The Standard, we published a series of articles on risk management.
These articles are now available as downloadable factsheets to use as a handy reference.

Expected outcome 1.1 Continuous improvement (260kb)
Expected outcome 1.6 Human resource management (260kb)
Expected outcome 1.8 Information systems (260kb)
Expected outcome 2.1 Continuous improvement (260kb)
Expected outcome 2.4 Clinical care (260kb)
Expected outcome 2.5 Specialised nursing care needs (260kb)
Expected outcome 2.7 Medication management (260kb)
Expected outcome 2.8 Pain management (260kb)
Expected outcome 2.13 Behavioural management (260kb)
Expected outcome 3.7 Leisure interests (260kb)