Adelaide 2012

The Better Practice conference in August had an outstanding blend of relevant topics, industry experts and keynote speakers who brought you practical advice on improving quality care for your residents.

Over 200 of your peers learnt from high profile presenters such as Reverend Professor John Swinton, Christine Bryden, Andrew Larpent OBE and industry experts including Doug Strain and Klaus Zimmermann. The program also featured Aged Care Commissioner Rae Lamb and Anne "Willsy" Wills, who spoke about: What I would like from an aged care home. Diane Robinson also chaired the panel discussion: A resident with no family, what should a home be thinking about?

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Better Practice presentations




Presentation title

2 August 2012

Plenary 1

Dr Andrew Refshauge



Plenary 1

Andrew Larpent OBE

Delivering a vision for aged care


Plenary 1

Reverend Professor John Swinton

Rethinking what it is to age well


Concurrent 1A

Sharon Henderson

Wasteland to wonderland


Concurrent 1A

Kerry Rigby and Peter Coughlan

A special doll with a special role


Concurrent 1B

John Stevens

Stand up for dementia: Performance, improvisation and stand-up comedy as a therapeutic program for people with dementia

  Concurrent 1B Jean-Paul Bell Humour from the heart outcomes of the SMILE study


Concurrent 1C

Jo Boylan

Active living for healthy ageing


Concurrent 1C

Vicki Colyer and Sally Harris

From small things – big things grow!


Concurrent 1C

Sara Blunt

Alignment – creating a shared vision in residential care


Concurrent 2A

Beverly Dermody-Reid

Liverpool care – Pathway for the dying


Concurrent 2A

Faye Audino and Verity Leith

A dignified and hearty goodbye


Concurrent 2A

Mavis Salt

Ageing – a spiritual task?


Concurrent 2B

Christine Farrell

Swallowing difficulties


Concurrent 2B

Sue Edwards and Trevor Nowak

Bridging the gaps – REACH aged care in the south


Concurrent 2B

Terry Arthur

Acute care for aged care nurses, a joint approach to quality health care for older Australians


Concurrent 2C

Dr Deirdre Fetherstonhaugh

Risk and decision making in dementia


Concurrent 2C

Jane Boag

Managing risk at Benetas


Concurrent 2C

Michael Filsell

Big Issue: Management of bariatric residents


Plenary 2

Diane Robinson, Dr John Brayley, Dr Mike Rungie, Jeremy Moore and Helen Storer

Plenary panel discussion: A resident with no family, what should a home be thinking about?

3 August 2012

Plenary 3

Christine Bryden

Dreading being put in ‘dementia prison’!


Plenary 3

Douglas Strain

How to measure quality – is it really possible?


Plenary 3

Rae Lamb

Treasuring complaints – five top tips


Concurrent 3A

Steve Aivaliotis

How to manage complaints for a positive outcome


Concurrent 3A

David Clinton and Brenton Pope

Make it your business: Learning from residents’ complaints


Concurrent 3B

Bernie McCarthy

The right staff for person-centred care: How do you know you are selecting the best?


Concurrent 3B

Judith Leacock

Developing staff across the ages


Concurrent 3C

Bronwyn Roberts

Workshop: Stress management through laughter and humour


Concurrent 4A

Emily Colombage

Food safety: balancing quality of life and risk


Concurrent 4A

Peter Morgan-Jones

Engaging with the food experience: an interactive session on cooking and the person with dementia


Concurrent 4A

Anne Schneyder

Acute vs aged care menu mayhem – think strategically


Concurrent 4B

Dr Julie Ellis

Residents who sit quietly in the corner – depression or something else?


Concurrent 4B

Natalie Duggan

Night time care


Concurrent 4C

Annette Chennell

Workshop: Root cause analysis – A framework for understanding the contribution factors to critical events


Plenary 4

Klaus Zimmermann

2 days of key messages – what does it mean for our residents (and/or client), my organization and myself


Plenary 4

Anne “Willsy” Wills

What I would like from an aged care home