Accreditation essentials

Agency assessors refer to the following tools when conducting and writing reports for site audits, review audits and support contacts:

The Results and processes guide is used to assist assessors and residential aged care homes in identifying and considering results and processes for expected outcomes in order to assess compliance with the Accreditation Standards. 

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The Assessor handbook provides information to assessors and homes on our audit methodology. It includes information on the context and objectives of assessments, principles underlying assessment activity, methodologies and techniques to be applied in assessing and guidelines for reaching conclusions and recommendations from assessments. 

Assessment modules are an adjunct to the Results and processes guide. They are a tool to assist assessors to focus on the key systems and processes of homes that ensure the provision of quality care and services for residents. They too can be used by the homes to assess their own systems. 

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Pocket guide
The Pocket guide to the Accreditation Standards is designed to serve as a convenient and accessible prompt relating to the 44 expected outcomes. This guide lists each expected outcome as it is written in the legislation, followed by a summary from the Results and processes guide. The summary identifies the 'focus' of the outcome and the practical 'results' to look for in relation to each expected outcome.

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