Role of an aged care quality assessor

Assessors are our constant link to residential aged care homes.

They visit residential aged care homes throughout Australia and assess homes' against the Accreditation Standards.

You must be a "people person" who enjoys meeting people, have strong communication skills and you will do a lot of travel.

Residential aged care homes are located throughout the suburbs of our major cities, in regional centres, small towns and rural and remote Australia.  We visit each home at least once each year, so there are opportunities to meet your need for working with people and travel.

Assessors work both alone and as part of a team and they come from a range of backgrounds. But they share a common interest – promoting quality care for residents.

Assessors visit homes and assess homes against the Accreditation Standards.

They also deliver education programs, seminars and the highly popular QUEST, a program provided free to homes.

A willingness to travel is an important aspect of the role and you must have a current drivers licence. We will provide and organise all travel arrangements.

Assessor backgrounds and qualifications
Assessors typically have backgrounds in nursing, allied health, quality or management. All assessors must complete an approved training program, undertake ongoing professional development in order to be registered as aged care quality assessors.

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Becoming an aged care quality assessor