Assessment contact decisions

What is an assessment contact decision?
Following an assessment contact, an Accreditation Agency decision-maker determines the arrangements for future assessment contacts; any areas for improvement, and the timetable for making those improvements; and whether a review audit is required.

What is considered when making a decision?
When making a decision, the following information is considered:

  • the home’s past and current performance against the Accreditation Standards (including serious risk)
  • the assessment team’s ‘Assessment contact report’
  • information (if any) received from the approved provider in response to the assessment contact report
  • information (if any) received from the Department of Health and Ageing
  • whether the decision-maker is satisfied the home will undertake continuous improvement, measured against the Accreditation Standards.

Can the decision-maker come to a different view to that of the team?
Yes. Generally, the decision-maker also has other information about the performance of the home to consider along with the assessment contact report provided by the assessment team – including the home’s history of performance and additional information from the approved provider. The decision-maker may be aware of changes that have been made at the home after the assessment team completed the assessment contact.

What happens after the decision is made?
Once the decision is made, a copy of the assessment contact report and correspondence confirming future assessment contact arrangements are sent to the approved provider. This correspondence may include a simple statement that unannounced assessment contacts will be conducted, or include information regarding announced assessment contacts.

How are residents informed of the assessment contact decision?
The homes should tell residents and their representatives about the outcomes of an assessment contact, including information on the home’s performance against the Accreditation Standards, and serious risk.

Can the decision be appealed?
No. The legislation does not provide for reconsideration or appeal of assessment contact decisions.

What information is publicly available?
Decisions and reports about assessment contacts are not publicly available. However, an update to the home’s last audit report will be published on our website if the decision results in a ‘compliance change’ – either:

  • the last information published showed that the home had failed to meet the Accreditation Standards and the home has now met all expected outcomes


  • the home has been on a timetable for improvement and this assessment contact found that it has not succeeded in meeting all the expected outcomes on time.