Failure to meet the Accreditation Standards

What is failure to meet the Accreditation Standards?
This is where a residential aged care home is found not to meet one or more of the expected outcomes of the Accreditation Standards.

It is the responsibility of the approved provider to demonstrate that the home meets the Accreditation Standards.

At any stage of the accreditation process – during the course of an assessment contact, site audit or review audit – the Accreditation Agency may identify expected outcomes not being met by the home.

The Accreditation Agency may also identify evidence of serious risk to the health, safety and wellbeing of residents.

What is a timetable for improvement?
When a home fails to meet the Accreditation Standards, the Accreditation Agency may put the home on a timetable for improvement (TFI). A timetable for improvement sets out the improvements and the maximum time allowed to address the expected outcomes not being met by the home.

The Accreditation Agency monitors the home’s progress in meeting the Accreditation Standards.

What happens if the home does not meet the standards at the end of the timetable?
Because residential aged care homes are required to meet the Accreditation Standards at all times and ensure that care of residents is not compromised, it is vital that the home resolves the issues promptly, and in any event, by the end of the timetable. If not,. the Accreditation Agency may conduct a review audit and may vary or revoke the home’s accreditation. In addition, the Department of Health and Ageing may decide to impose sanctions on the home.

How can I find out whether a home has sanctions?
When the Department of Health and Ageing imposes sanctions on a home, we place a statement of the front page of the report on the home on this website, stating that sanctions have been imposed. This includes a link to the sanctions page of the Department’s website.

Go to Reports on home search at the top right hand side of this page to access a report on a home. For information on current and archived sanctions go to the Department of Health and Ageing’s website.