Desk assessment contacts

What is a desk assessment contact?
Desk assessment contacts are a telephone contact with a provider as part of the program of monitoring a home. A desk assessment contact may be conducted when the nature of information being followed-up does not require a visit. A desk assessment contact may also be conducted in some circumstances where a visit would be too restrictive due to travel, or other reasons. 

A desk assessment contact is a planned teleconference with key personnel of a home. Desk assessments are rarely conducted and are generally used to monitor the progress of resolving issues identified at a home. A site visit is always conducted to determine if failure to meet Accreditation Standards are rectified.

One assessor is appointed to conduct a desk assessment contact.

What happens before a desk assessment contact?
The home submits a plan for continuous improvement, progress report or other information relating to issues identified at the home. These are then reviewed by an assessor as part of their planning phase.

The approved provider receives information on when an assessor will be telephoning the home and organises key staff to be present.

What happens during a desk assessment contact?
Introductions are made to establish who is present. Any documentation provided prior to the visit is then discussed with the home, including progress made, and future actions to be undertaken.

Information on next steps such as the provision of an assessment contact report is then discussed and the phone call is ended.

The phone call generally takes approximately 45 minutes.

It is the responsibility of the approved provider to demonstrate the home’s performance against the Accreditation Standards.

How can management and staff assist during a desk assessment contact?
The home should have documentation on hand to help answer questions during the teleconference.

What happens after a desk assessment contact?
The assessor prepares an assessment contact report  and submits this to the Accreditation Agency for a decision to be made. The approved provider is invited to respond within 7 days.

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