Commencing homes

What is a commencing home?
A commencing home is a new home, which has not previously provided residential aged care and is not currently accredited by the Accreditation Agency, but the approved provider has been allocated beds (or ‘resident places’) by the Department of Health and Ageing.

A commencing home must be accredited before it is eligible to receive Australian Government subsidies.

How does an approved provider apply for accreditation of a commencing home?
At least three months before residents move into the home, approved providers should discuss a due date for their application with their local Accreditation Agency office, who will provide the application form.

The application requires the approved provider to identify how the home will meet the Accreditation Standards when it is operating and to give the Agency an undertaking the home will undertake continuous improvement when providing care for residents.

What is the process for accrediting a commencing home?
The main elements of the process for accrediting commencing homes are:

  • submission of the application for accreditation, accompanied by the fee, by the approved provider
  • assessment of the application by a quality assessor
  • decision about accreditation by a decision-maker
  • advice of the decision to the approved provider and the Secretary of the Department of Health and Ageing
  • issue of an accreditation certificate
  • publication of the decision on our website.

What information is publicly available?
The decision to accredit is published on our website. You can access a report on a home using the search function at the top right hand of this page.

Reports on Homes
Use the search below to find the most recent accreditation reports on homes.