Commencing home decisions

What is a commencing home decision?
A commencing home is one where care has not previously been provided. We make a decision to accredit or not to accredit a commencing home in accordance with the Accreditation Grant Principles 2011.

A decision is made within 16 days of receiving an application and deciding whether it is valid.

What is considered when making a decision?
When making a decision, the following documents and information are considered:

  • the contents of the application
  • information (if any) received from the Department of Health and Ageing (DHA)
  • whether the home will undertake continuous improvement, measured against the Accreditation Standards.

How long is the accreditation period?
Commencing homes are accredited for 12 months. Once a home has been accredited, the approved provider is required to meet the Accreditation Standards and undertake continuous improvement in providing care for residents.

What happens after the decision is made?
Once the decision is made, a copy of the decision is sent to the approved provider.

We send a certificate of accreditation to the home within a month of the decision.

An assessment contact is scheduled within one to two months of residents moving into the residential aged care home. Commencing homes receive at least one unannounced visit during the first year of operation.

Six months before the end of the accreditation period, the approved provider needs to apply for  re-accreditation for the home. A major component of preparing for re-accreditation is the self-assessment process, which is a valuable way to evaluate the performance of a home and its care for residents during its first year of operation. For information on the process for applying for re-accreditation, go to Accreditation site audits.

Can the decision be appealed?
A decision not to accredit can be reconsidered by the Accreditation Agency and then possibly reviewed (by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal). For details about reconsiderations and appeals about decisions, refer to the information sheet on Reconsiderations and appeals.

What is publicly available?
Decisions about accreditation of commencing homes are published on our website. To access a report go to Reports on homes.

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