Being prepared

How can a home be prepared for any type of visit?
The best way to prepare for a visit is to ensure you are confident the care and services provided to residents, meet wishes and needs of residents in relation to the Accreditation Standards. This means you are not creating and maintaining systems for accreditation, but for the benefit of residents – reflecting a resident focus.

“Show-off” during a visit. This means not just demonstrating how you meet the Accreditation Standards, but also how you go beyond the Accreditation Standards to enhance the lives of residents. This includes demonstrating any recent improvements.

If deficiencies are identified, these should not be regarded negatively. Staff should be encouraged to treat information on deficiencies as an opportunity to improve the care and services provided to residents.
Preparing for an unannounced visit fact sheet.

Are residents involved?
Residents and representatives are actively encouraged to contribute to the accreditation process.  More information on resident involvement.

How can staff be involved?
Staff are important during visits. They can show assessors how they ensure that care and services are provided to residents

Staff should be provided with information on accreditation to prepare them for what to expect.

Staff maybe provided with information from our website or access to some of our resourses such as the Results and processes quide

What other information is available?
Accreditation Agency tools may also assist and we regularly identify useful websites. These contain information and guidelines on a variety of issues relating to the Accreditation Standards.