Contribution guidelines

The Standard is the regular publication of the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd.

Unsolicited contributions are welcome but we reserve the right to edit, abridge, alter or reject any material. We do not pay for contributions.

Articles, photographs and illustrations may be submitted by email or in hard copy.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences, eg a ‘case study’:

  • keep your article to around 350 words
  • include the name of your home/organisation
  • and a contact name and number
  • name of the project or achievement
  • the objective
  • who was involved
  • how you worked to achieve it (what you did)
  • the timelines (eg when the project started, length of time to reach milestones)
  • what you achieved
  • how you measured whether it was successful
  • what you learned
  • future plans
  • photos, quotes from others, further references, all welcome.

Please note that copyright on submitted material belongs to the author and permission to reproduce in The Standard is given on submission. If the copy is edited substantially, the revised copy will be forwarded to the author for approval.

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